OEM Dumpling Storage Box Injection Molding With Hot Runner Cold Runner

Place of Origin China Xiamen
Brand Name ecson

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Product Details
Color Customizable Mould Cavity Single Cavity, Multi-cavity
Runner System Hot Runner And Cold Runner Mould Life 100K-1000K Shots
Product Drawings 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, Product Samples, Or The Size Of The Multi-angle Pictures Product Name Plastic Injection Molding Assembly
Quantity Customizable Durability High
Lead Time Short Production Process Injection Molding
Tolerance ±0.01mm Cost Affordable
Size Customizable Application Industrial
Shape Customizable Assembly Type Mechanical
Flexibility High Surface Finish Smooth
Material Plastic
High Light

OEM Dumpling Storage Box


Injection Molding Dumpling Storage Box

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Product Description

Dumpling Preservation Box Injection Molding Assembly With Hot Runner And Cold Runner

Product Description:

The Plastic Injection Molding Assembly is a cutting-edge manufacturing solution designed for precision, efficiency, and durability. Tailored to a variety of industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics, this product is the epitome of quality in the realm of plastic fabrication. Our injection mold assembly process ensures that each part produced meets the highest standards of strength and accuracy.

At the heart of the Plastic Injection Molding Assembly is the versatile Mould Cavity design. Customers can choose between Single Cavity and Multi-cavity configurations depending on the scope and scale of their production needs. A Single Cavity mold is perfect for lower-volume production where cost-savings is key, while the Multi-cavity option is ideal for high-volume manufacturing, providing consistent quality and rapid production of parts.

Understanding the importance of precision, we offer extensive options for Product Drawings. Clients can submit 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, Product Samples, or provide the Size Of The Multi-angle Pictures to ensure that the final product matches their exact specifications. Our expert team works closely with clients to translate these drawings into a high-quality injection mold assembly that aligns with their vision and functional requirements.

Durability is a cornerstone of the Plastic Injection Molding Assembly, with a robust Mould Life that ranges from 100K to 1000K Shots. This longevity is essential in high-production environments where the mold must withstand the rigors of repeated use without compromise. Investing in our injection molding and assembly services means investing in a product that will deliver reliability and performance over an extended period.

To accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, we offer both Hot Runner and Cold Runner systems within our Runner System options. The Hot Runner system is highly efficient, reducing waste and cycle time, making it a cost-effective solution for large runs. On the other hand, the Cold Runner system is a versatile choice that's suitable for simpler molds and can be more cost-effective for smaller production volumes. Each system is engineered to work seamlessly within the injection mold assembly, ensuring optimal flow and quality of the plastic parts produced.

The process of injection molding and assembly involves the meticulous creation of molds, the careful selection of materials, and the precise control of the injection process. Our state-of-the-art machinery, combined with our team's expertise, guarantees that each step is executed with attention to detail. From the initial design phase to the final assembly, every component produced reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our Plastic Injection Molding Assembly service is more than just a production process; it's a partnership where we work hand-in-hand with clients to bring their concepts to life. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate complex design challenges and deliver solutions that surpass expectations. Whether you require intricate components with tight tolerances or large parts with impeccable finishes, our injection mold assembly capabilities are up to the task.

In summary, the Plastic Injection Molding Assembly is a premium manufacturing solution that embodies innovation, precision, and longevity. With options for Single or Multi-cavity molds, a choice between Hot Runner and Cold Runner systems, and a Mould Life designed to endure hundreds of thousands of shots, clients are assured of a product that matches their exact needs. Our commitment to quality at every stage of the injection molding and assembly process ensures that we are not just manufacturers; we are creators of enduring value.



  • Product Name: Plastic Injection Molding Assembly
  • Mould Life: 100K-1000K Shots
  • Mould Cavity: Single Cavity, Multi-cavity
  • Product Drawings: 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, Product Samples, Or The Size Of The Multi-angle Pictures
  • Color: White, Black, Gray, Green, Blue

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Product Name Plastic Injection Molding Assembly
Product Drawings 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, Product Samples, Or The Size Of The Multi-angle Pictures
Mould Life 100K-1000K Shots
Mould Cavity Single Cavity, Multi-cavity
Runner System Hot Runner And Cold Runner
Color White, Black, Gray, Green, Blue


The ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assembly , originating from Xiamen, China , is a pinnacle of precision and quality in the world of manufacturing. This product is well-suited for an array of applications and scenarios, reflecting its versatile design and the meticulous engineering that goes into its creation. The injection molding assembly process implemented by ecson ensures that each component meets stringent quality standards, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring high-reliability parts.

One of the key application occasions for the ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assembly is in the automotive industry. Here, the durability and precision of the injection mold assembly are critical for producing components that can withstand the rigors of daily use and the demands of safety standards. Whether for under-the-hood applications or interior design elements, the robustness provided by the mold's life—ranging from 100K to 1000K shots—ensures longevity and performance.

Moreover, the versatility of the mold cavity options, including both single cavity and multi-cavity configurations, makes this product adaptable for electronic devices, where components of various complexities are required. From smartphones to home appliances, the ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assembly can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each unique product, supported by comprehensive product drawings, whether they are 2D drawings, 3D drawings, product samples, or multi-angle pictures.

Medical devices are another scenario where the injection molding assembly proves indispensable. The precision and hygienic manufacturing process align with the stringent requirements of medical-grade components. The availability of colors like white, black, gray, green, and blue allows for easy integration and distinction in various medical apparatus, ensuring that the parts are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and compliant with color-coding standards for safety and identification purposes.

In the consumer products sector, the ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assembly allows for the creation of durable household items, children's toys, and other personal goods. The mold's ability to withstand a significant number of shots means that it can support large-scale production while ensuring that each piece is consistent with the last, maintaining the brand's reputation for quality.

The injection molding assembly technique by ecson also finds its importance in the creation of packaging solutions. With the need for customized packaging shapes and robust designs to protect and preserve products during shipping and handling, the adaptability of the ecson assembly system meets the challenge head-on, providing secure and reliable packaging components in various colors to enhance brand recognition.

In summary, the ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assembly is not just a product; it's an integral solution for a multitude of industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, consumer goods, and packaging. With its robust mold life, customizable cavities, precise product drawings, and a spectrum of colors, it stands as a testament to ecson's commitment to quality and versatility in the ever-evolving world of plastic injection molding.



Brand Name: ecson

Place of Origin: China Xiamen

Product Drawings: We accept 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, Product Samples, or The Size of Multi-angle Pictures to ensure precise injection mold assembly.

Mould Life: Our molds boast a life ranging from 100K to 1000K Shots, providing long-lasting service for your injection molding and assembly needs.

Runner System: We offer both Hot Runner and Cold Runner systems to optimize the efficiency of the injection molding process.

Mould Cavity: Our customization options include Single Cavity and Multi-cavity molds, catering to various injection molding and assembly requirements.

Color: A spectrum of colors is available including White, Black, Gray, Green, Blue to match your branding and design preferences for the plastic injection molding assembly product.


Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Plastic Injection Molding Assembly. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of technical support and services. Our product technical support includes troubleshooting assistance, guidance on optimal usage, and advice on maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency of your plastic injection molding assembly. Our services are designed to help you maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

For technical issues, our team is equipped with the expertise to provide you with step-by-step solutions and can guide you through any operational challenges you may encounter. We offer support for setup and configuration, process optimization, and can advise on material compatibility. Additionally, we provide resources for understanding the intricacies of plastic injection molding to enhance your operational knowledge.

Our service offerings also include a comprehensive maintenance program to keep your assembly in peak condition. Regular maintenance is crucial for the prevention of unexpected breakdowns and to maintain the quality of your production output. We believe in proactive service to address any potential issues before they become problems, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your equipment.

Please note that while we strive to provide extensive support and services, our offerings do not include on-site repairs or maintenance. However, we can often help diagnose issues remotely and guide you through fixing problems or recommend local service providers if necessary.

We are continually updating our support resources to ensure that you have access to the latest information and technology advancements related to plastic injection molding. We encourage our customers to keep in touch with us for any updates or to discuss any additional support that may be required.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Plastic Injection Molding Assembly:

Each Plastic Injection Molding Assembly unit is securely encased in a custom-fit protective foam insert, ensuring stability and minimizing movement during transit. The foam is then placed inside a sturdy cardboard box, designed to withstand the rigors of shipping. The box is sealed with industrial-grade packing tape for added security.

Shipping of Plastic Injection Molding Assembly:

Our Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies are shipped via trusted freight carriers to ensure timely and safe delivery. Each package is labeled with handling instructions and tracking information, enabling real-time monitoring from departure to destination. For international shipments, all necessary customs documentation is provided to facilitate a smooth and expedited customs clearance process.



Q1: What materials are used in ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies?

A1: ecson Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies utilize a variety of high-quality plastic materials, including but not limited to ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylene (PE). The specific material used can be customized based on the application requirements.

Q2: Can ecson provide custom design services for Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies?

A2: Yes, ecson specializes in custom design services for Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies. Our team works closely with clients to develop products that meet their specific needs and specifications, leveraging our expertise in design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

Q3: What industries does ecson serve with its Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies?

A3: ecson serves a diverse range of industries with its Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies, including automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, home appliances, and industrial components. Our capabilities allow us to cater to the unique needs of various sectors.

Q4: How does ecson ensure the quality of its Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies?

A4: ecson is committed to quality and employs rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. This includes material inspection, in-process quality checks, and final product testing to ensure that all Plastic Injection Molding Assemblies meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Q5: What is the lead time for a custom Plastic Injection Molding Assembly order from ecson?

A5: The lead time for a custom Plastic Injection Molding Assembly order varies depending on the complexity of the design, the quantity required, and the current production schedule. Typically, a lead time can range from a few weeks to several months. We recommend discussing your specific project with our team to get a more accurate estimate.